What kind of bullshit is “Washington: It’s a strip club”?

Republican candidate Mike Huckabee recently released a commercial with a fairly startling premise: “Washington: It’s a strip club. The political class dances for the donor class, and the working class gets stuck with the tab.”

While assaulting the world with the horrifying image of a politician gyrating onstage with a pole, Huckabee has dumped a metric buttload of bullshit on us. But what kind of bullshit?

I could probably apply 90% of the words in (shameless plug alert) my forthcoming book Bullshit: A Lexicon to Huckabee’s comparison, but I think the best one is bull pucky. It fits the folksy Huckabee, whose very name sounds like a word for bullshit, or maybe an object you can’t name. Huckabee isn’t that far from hoosiewhatsit and hickeymadoodle.

Bull pucky fits Huckabee’s comparison because it sounds like the kind of word some innocent fella–or at least one who wants you to think he’s innocent–would use while crying down hellfire upon the she-devils stirring up innocent loins in a diabolical dancing establishment.

“Bull pucky!” the rube would exclaim, denouncing the dancers while sneaking a peek in the window, just as Huckabee insults the strip club of Washington while droolingly applying to be the new manager.


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