What kind of bullshit is Jindal’s bathroom metaphor?

During last night’s Republican debate, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal made an interesting comparison:

“There’s only one of us who have cut government spending … There are four senators who have never cut spending. When they go to relieve themselves, the cause and the toilet gets flushed.”

That is a double decker bullshit sandwich for sure. Aside from being gross, the comparison doesn’t make a skidmark of sense. Wouldn’t flushers be more inclined to save? Like, they’d flush excess spending down the toilet? I don’t know. Jindal might have been better off comparing big spenders to people who use too much toilet paper or never running for President at all.

So what kind of bullshit is this? I’d say it’s gobbledygook.

That term (coined by the improbably named Maury Maverick) has been around since 1944. Though the Oxford English Dictionary defines it as “Official, professional, or pretentious verbiage or jargon,” it often means language that is simply garbled. In fact, people sometimes mistakenly spell the word as garbledygook. When you consider the nonsensical gobble-gobble of a turkey, gobbledygook can be understood as the bizarre babble of a brain-damaged barnyard animal. That feels right in tune with Jindal’s mish-mash of a metaphor.


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