What kind of bullshit is “At least [Putin’s] a leader”?

I have to restrain myself, lest this bullshit blog become the Trump blog. But I couldn’t resist the Trumpery of this starling sentence in a CNN article:

“He’s running his country and at least he’s a leader, unlike what we have in this country,” Trump said when asked by “Morning Joe” Republican host Joe Scarborough about Putin’s alleged killing of journalists and political opponents. Dec. 18, 2015, CNN.com

Trump–who has insulted all women, all immigrants, all Mexicans, all Muslims, and pretty much the entire human race during the course of his preposterous campaign–now takes a swipe at Obama for not being tyrannical enough, while making kissy-face with a deranged, shirtless depot like Putin. I honestly think a Trump endorsement from the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants is not far off. Then again, mutants don’t sound like good Americans. Trump might suggest shutting down the mutated parts of our DNA to stop this threat to our genetic purity. Also, Trump is probably miffed that the latest GOP debate was won by Magneto.

Anyway, what kind of bullshit is Trump’s latest BS?

I reckon Trump is selling wolf tickets.

To sell wolf tickets is a bullshitty expression much-loved by David Simon, creator of The Wire. To sell wolf tickets is to boast, brag, huff, and puff. Like crying wolf, selling wolf tickets involves a big load of baloney. Selling wolf tickets is also all about putting on a show, and you can’t deny Trump is a performer.

In fact, I still have hope that his whole campaign is misdirection. He can’t really be running for President as a supervillain, can he? Maybe the whole thing is just setting up a Wrestlemania match–against former champion and current hilarious Twitter hero the Iron Sheik perhaps. I’d buy those wolf tickets.


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