What kind of bullshit is Ben Carson’s “abyss of destruction”?

During last night’s Republican Presidential debate, Ben Carson’s opening comments spared no hyperbole:

“If someone had tried to describe today’s America to you 30 years ago, you would have listened in disbelief. Americans know that our nation is heading off the abyss of destruction, secondary to divisiveness, fiscal irresponsibility, and failure to lead.”

Grammar problems aside–you head into the abyss, not off the abyss–what the bacon-wrapped fuck is he talking about? “Abyss of destruction” would make a great title for a heavy metal album, but it’s somewhat lacking as a description of anything real, unless there’s a demon-spewing portal in the sky I haven’t noticed.

But what kind of bullshit is this?

Seems like claptrap to me. It’s the kind of absurdly exaggerated language that whips wrestling fans–er, voters–into a frenzy by almost literally demonizing the other side. When Carson says abyss of destruction, listeners can fill in the blank with anything they hate and fear, like heathen feminist Muslims aborting Baby Jesus on NPR (or some other reasonable scenario).

An abyss of destruction may seem like an odd trap for claps, but people love to think that the world is going to hell, the plane is crashing into the mountain, and the dingo is eating the baby.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to pretend Donald Trump won’t be a Presidential nominee and drink a quart of absinthe.




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